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Signs that show you need duct cleaning services

When one of your appliances gets broken, you immediately take action to repair or replace it right away. This goes the same with air ducts. There are particular signs that you need to look for to know whether you need duct cleaning services or not.

Air ducts may be covered with dirt without you knowing it for a long time. That is why you need to focus on the technical aspect of cleaning your air ducts and hire specialists to do so.

As you know timely repair is necessary to avoid inconvenience, waste of money, and to ensure that air ducts are clean in and out.

Here we discuss the main signs to look for to know if you need duct cleaning services.

Dust issues

When cleaning your air duct system, you will notice there are bags of dust and dirt that you will discover.

If you notice this scenario, then it means dust accumulates in the ducts and filters which calls for an urgent cleaning to improve your duct system efficiently.

Foul smell

If you notice any foul odour lingering inside your room then it is a clear sign that your ducting system needs a deep cleaning. Bad smells start when dust and fungal growth occurs and mix up with moisture in the duct.

This is an alarming situation because it indicates bacterial and fungal growth issues inside ducts which need to be resolved on a priority basis.

Air filters blockage

Sometimes when you open your duct system, you can hear some racking inside your vents, which could possibly mean that your air filters are filled with a massive amount of filth and that air filters are blocked.

This is the time to clean your ducts and filters. If you clean your filters and ducts monthly then filter blockage can be resolved. But to be sure, professional assistance is encouraged to avoid damaging your ducts and to meet clean and satisfying results.

Mould and fungal growth

Due to unclean vents, you may notice that the air coming from the duct contains a pungent smell and sometimes it produces suffocation or health issues.

This indicates that there is a mould or fungal growth inside the air duct and it’s a serious issue.  You need to resolve this issue by hiring a professional air duct cleaning professional. This matter can be best handled by experts as they have the proper knowledge to carry out the procedure.

Rodents and insects

If you are facing issues in the form of rodents and insects dropping from ducts, this means these uninvited guests have approached your air duct. They look for a favourable hiding spot, especially during winter. You can also hear them crawl inside your ducts.

Now it’s time to clean your ducts and close all the unwanted spaces in ducts from where they can get in.

Respiratory issues

If you or your children are facing suffocation, respiratory issues or other health issues then along with other things also check your air ducts.

There are chances that your air ducts are in unhygienic conditions and the air passing through these dirty air ducts can cause respiratory or health issues to you and your children.

Construction work

If you perform any construction or renovations in your premises, then it is wise to clean your air ducts because the dust produced during construction can be accumulated into these ducts. If not you fail to clean your ducts, serious health problems may arise.

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