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Health risk for not cleaning your ducts at home or office

People normally think it’s not necessary to clean air ducts routinely. Majority of you clean ducts yearly or after a long time even though dirty air ducts are a major source of health risks associated with diseases.

Accumulated dust, allergens, pollens, moulds, fungus or bacteria in the duct along with moisture and cool environment results in air pollution of the premises. The only way to save yourself from this issue is to clean the ducts of your homes and offices properly and in routine manners.

Some of the major health risks associated with dirty air ducts

Poor air quality

Dirty air ducts pollute the air quality domestically or commercially that may lead to serious health issues. On the other hand, clean air improves your mental health and provides you with fresh breathing air.

It was proved medically that a patient with respiratory diseases improves health when remains in pure air quality.

Sick building syndrome

When the proper cleaning of air ducts is not performed with time, dust, pollen, droppings and allergens gather in ducts. Their quantity increases with time and they start mixing and polluting the air.

When this air is inhaled by living organisms then the result is in the form of serious respiratory diseases like sick building syndrome.

Serious viral diseases

Some airborne disease is also caused by dirty air ducts. Some viruses are not airborne but rodents and insects can take them to air ducts where they accumulate and transfer through the air to humans.

This is a serious disease and medical treatment may happen to you and your loved ones if you choose not to conduct a proper cleaning for your ducts. So cleaning ducts and hindering pests access in ducts saves you from this.

Dirty air ducts and food

Uncleaned air ducts pollute all the air quality of your home and office. This not only infects you directly but it also attacks indirectly.

Any type of perishable or semi perishable food placed on your table when getting in contact with unsafe air containing pollen or fungus spores gets contaminated too.

Rodents droppings

If duct cleaning is not performed routinely and up to the prescribed standards, chances are rodent droppings may be trapped inside your duct system. The fecal matter causes dangerous health problems if inhaled.

These droppings are a source of many serious diseases like plague, Hantavirus, tularemia etc. A better way to avoid this situation is to clean your air ducts periodically.

Other common diseases you may get from unsanitary ducts:

  • Flu
  • Fever
  • Sore Throat & Coughing
  • Throat, nose and eye irritation
  • Asthma Problem
  • Muscular Fatigue

It is better to maintain a log on which the last date of cleaning is mentioned. This will remind you about the last cleaning of air ducts from which you can estimate the expected date of cleaning.

This log maintenance is compulsory in offices but also prescribed for homes as well to avoid health issues and serious respiratory issues. Air ducts inspection in your premises should be done through testing air from different points of premises.

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