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Yes, regular duct cleaning helps in decreasing your monthly electric bills because your ducts are not forcing itself to meet its peak performance. Duct cleaning also helps in improving air circulation inside your premises.

Cleaning the duct system all by yourself is not highly recommendable especially when you lack the knowledge to do so. Hiring Epic Duct Cleaning Melbourne experts can guarantee sanitary outcomes for your duct system.

It’s always important to keep your air ducts clean as this produces the air we breathe. Cleaning your air ducts may help you prevent respiratory problems.

We can place the thermostat from the sources of cold and heat for it to operate effectively. Our technicians can safely install the thermostat properly to prevent damages.

Filters are like a shield that protects you from accumulating dust. If your filters are filled with dust and dirt, it is likely that you will experience breathing problems.

Yes, our experts can definitely help you repair the leaks on your air conditioning unit. Part of our specialised service is our duct repairs - we will thoroughly check the cause of the problem and mend it perfectly for you.

Epic Duct Cleaning values integrity and transparency. We do not ask our beloved customers for hidden charges.

To clean your air ducts, we will begin by inspecting your duct system completely and create a strategic plan to remove unwanted dirt and grimes from your ducts. From then on, we will sanitise and deodorise your air ducts with the use of upgraded equipment and tools.

Yes, we do. Epic Duct Cleaning offers duct repairs along with the cleaning services we provide.

If you clean your air ducts all by yourself, then it is difficult. But since our technicians are qualified and trained to perform the job, the cleaning task will be done in no time.

The cleaning approach will be decided upon assessing your air ducts.

Hiring our professionals to clean your ducts can effectively and efficiently eradicate moulds, dirt, dust, grimes, and even pest infestation inside your duct system. We are well-versed with the correct facilitation of the cleaning procedures and handling of equipment to perform the ductwork.

Unsanitary duct system may cause drastic breathing problems and allergic reactions. That’s why regular cleaning of air ducts is encouraged so you can safeguard yourself from serious respiratory issues you might face.

Epic Duct Cleaning services are completely affordable with no hidden charges.

It is highly advised to get your ducts cleaned at least twice a year or depending on the amount of dirt it has obtained.

You may move your furniture and belongings to a safe place before we reach your premises. In this way, we can clean your ducts without hassle and save a lot of time. But if it is inconvenient to move your valuables all alone, we can definitely assist you for that.

There are no special requirements needed unless necessary. Epic Duct Cleaning specialists will accommodate you promptly in your convenience may it be in residential or commercial properties in Melbourne.

Yes, we do. All our cleaning detergents and spray treatments are organically proven and tested safe to use with no harmful effects to all age classes and your pets as well. Your safety is important to us, which is why we vow to use nature-friendly detergents only.

There is no need to stay out during the procedure.

Yes, we are very well-versed with various cleaning and repairing approaches for your duct system. Epic Duct Cleaning is made up of licensed professionals who are highly educated and trained to conduct duct cleaning services in Melbourne.

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