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Difference between the duct cleaning and sanitising

People are normally confused in differentiating the terms cleaning and sanitisation. They thought both carry similar meanings and there is no prior difference. But in reality, both terms are different from each other.

One thing to understand is that during duct cleaning, sanitisation is not always compulsory but for duct sanitisation, it’s always necessary to perform cleaning beforehand.

Both activities are important to ensure pure air circulation through air ducts. But cleaning is more often required as compared to sanitisation. Sanitisation should be done at least once a month or once every two months.

Now we discuss major differences between duct cleaning and duct sanitisation.

Duct cleaning and duct sanitisation

Duct cleaning is a simple process of removing physical debris from ducts. It includes eradication of dust, droppings, allergens, pollens or other physical material present in ducts. It can be performed by yourself or by licensed professionals. The cleaning should be done routinely after specific intervals.

On the other hand,  duct sanitisation is a bit of technical work because you have to remove microorganisms from ducts. Bacteria and other microorganisms undergo unfavourable reactions in the ducts and produce odours and toxins which with the flow of air come into your rooms and then cause many severe diseases. That’s why sanitisation is much needed after intervals.

There are eco-safe and specialised sanitisation chemicals whose concentration adjustment is important for effective use. So for this purpose, you have to hire someone professional to deal with the issue otherwise there will be a complication in the process.

How useful duct sanitisation is?

You must have thought about this question while reading about sanitisation. The answer is pretty simple “It’s very useful”. Purpose of sanitisation is to ensure pure airflow into your homes and offices.

In these days when corona and other fatal viral or bacterial diseases are on the screen and scientists are unable to discover their treatment it’s important to sanitise your air ducts. sanitisation is important to ensure you and your loved ones breathe in a purified atmosphere.

What should be sanitised and when?

Sanitisation of ducts only is not enough, when you sanitise the air ducts the whole cooling and heating system should be sanitised including louvres, filters, air ducts and fans. Because bacterial growth can be present anywhere.

To access the need for sanitisation it is recommended to conduct air microbial analysis after 3 to 4 months. This will tell you the amount of lethal or beneficial microorganism in your homes and offices. Then you can perform sanitisation accordingly.

It’s not a one time process because airflow comes along with bacteria and moulds. So you have to ensure proper cleaning after intervals to break this chain and to ensure pure air across your homes and offices.

Sanitisation chemicals

Using any harmful chemical as a sanitising agent can cause severe damage to your air ducting system or it is also harmful to you and your family members. Always prefer WHO-approved sanitising agents and use it according to the instructions mentioned on the label.

Doing sanitisation by yourself is not recommended in any case. Always search for a well-known professional cleaning company and before taking services, check the chemicals they are using for sanitation purposes.

Any chemical having pungent smell can cause respiratory issues for you and your family.

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