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Difference between the duct cleaning and sanitising

People are normally confused in differentiating the terms cleaning and sanitisation. They thought both carry similar meanings and there is no prior difference. But in reality, both terms are different from each other. One thing to understand is that during duct cleaning, sanitisation is not always compulsory but for duct sanitisation, it’s always necessary to […]

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Health risk for not cleaning your ducts at home or office

People normally think it’s not necessary to clean air ducts routinely. Majority of you clean ducts yearly or after a long time even though dirty air ducts are a major source of health risks associated with diseases. Accumulated dust, allergens, pollens, moulds, fungus or bacteria in the duct along with moisture and cool environment results […]

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Signs that show you need duct cleaning services

When one of your appliances gets broken, you immediately take action to repair or replace it right away. This goes the same with air ducts. There are particular signs that you need to look for to know whether you need duct cleaning services or not. Air ducts may be covered with dirt without you knowing […]

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Why hire professional duct cleaners?

Home cleaning is a part of your daily routine and deep cleaning is performed once or twice a month depending on its need. In the deep cleaning process, you can clean all the parts where you can easily access the dirt. However, you cannot fully clean your air ducts, especially when you lack the knowledge […]

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