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Our team of specialists at Epic Duct Cleaning provide high-quality duct cleaning in Melbourne. We assure you that you’ll have a good indoor air quality experience at your home and worksites.

To ensure you receive quality services, we offer affordable air duct cleaning for your immediate needs on the same day, urgent situation, and normal days.

Services including carbon monoxide testing, air vent cleaning, split air conditioning cleaning, air duct repairs, commercial and residential duct cleaning, emergency same day services, and more to mention can be efficiently provided by our certified technicians with relevant expertise in the industry.

Our team of experts have vast experience and knowledge to effectively clean your mouldy ducted system which can affect the efficiency of your air duct unit. As our team cares about the air you breathe inside your premises, we ensure that it is free from bacteria by deodorising your ducted system after conducting the repairs and air duct cleaning at your premises in Melbourne.

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