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Epic Duct Cleaning specialises in air duct inspection, preventive maintenance, cleaning and repairing of home and industrial HVAC units in Melbourne. We also offer same-day emergency duct cleaning for your immediate needs.

Our licensed technicians adhere to a progressive duct cleaning approach to mend and clean your ducts at great condition. We are dedicated and hardworking professionals who are able and skilled to clean the ductwork and meet 100% customer satisfaction for homeowners and business owners of Melbourne.

Our company obediently follows the standard professional ethics providing honest evaluations and cleaning practices for every job. We adhere to meet the demands of our customers and the equipment we use during the operation helps us to swiftly complete our job expertly.

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Emergency duct cleaning experts in Melbourne

We trust our skills and knowledge as we are licensed to do the job. Our proficiency and vast experience assure every customer that we are reliable in every emergency duct cleaning projects that we do.

Our certified specialists make suggestions about some ways to properly address any indoor air quality concerns to save time, money, and energy. Providing quality urgent duct cleaning services in Melbourne have made our customers pleased with the results.

We grow not only as a committed technician but also as a friend who cares for your well-being. Employing qualified staff from our company can deliver great benefits in producing a hygienic environment by cleaning, sanitising, and deodorising your air ducted system in Melbourne. Through our urgent services, you can have an efficient duct and a safe environment to live in.

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    Speedy same-day duct cleaning in Melbourne

    We offer efficient and reliable same-day duct cleaning services in Melbourne at a short-notice to cater to your urgent needs. Our cleaning process guarantees you that it aligns with the industry standards and we won’t leave any traces of mishaps as we cautiously apply every method with care. We book services 24/7 and perform our work wisely to provide you with utmost satisfaction.

    Major air duct cleaning services that we offer

    Ducted heating unit services

    If you are experiencing abrupt changes such as an increase in your electricity bills without having a clue, hire us to check the presence of any debris inside your ducted heating unit.

    We can easily figure out the cause of the problem and can provide quick service to your ducted heating unit in Melbourne.

    Carbon monoxide checkup in Melbourne

    Epic Duct Cleaning conducts carbon monoxide testing in Melbourne. This gaseous element is hazardous to your health. It can silently kill you without knowing so it is necessary to have your ducts assessed to ensure you are free from carbon monoxide. Let us know if you find something unusual with your ducted system so we can check right away.

    Air ducted system repairs

    If your duct gets damaged and you are searching for a repairman, then Epic duct cleaning can provide quality and affordable duct repair services in Melbourne. We repair all holes and leaks that affect the work performance of your duct.

    Central ducted system cleaning

    We are certified technicians with vast experience and expertise in providing efficient central ducted system cleaning solutions in Melbourne.

    Avoid some air ducts problems in the future by hiring us.

    Evaporative cooling vent cleaning

    Epic Duct Cleaning in Melbourne provides evaporative cooling vent sanitisation. Our professionals can efficiently complete the job with satisfactory results. With proper maintenance, you can assure that your system is working to its optimum condition.

    Duct mould removal

    Microbes due to moulds can be detrimental to your health. Get an expert to have it removed instantly so you can have clean fresh air again in your place. Our duct specialists in Melbourne can help you eliminate the moulds from your ducted system.

    Return vent cleaning

    To keep you unharmed from any hazard, it is recommended to have well-maintained air vents. Don’t wait for a time when small issues will become a great problem for you. We are certified to proficiently clean your return vents outstandingly.

    Duct retain vent

    We offer comprehensive duct retain vent cleaning to both domestic and industrial premises in Melbourne. Our technicians understand the meticulous process your duct retain-vent needs for every model in the industry.

    Upon confirming your booking, we will gear ourselves with the sparkling new equipment and clinically proven safe organic treatments to make your ducts clean and fresh.

    Cleaning air ducted system in Melbourne

    Ignoring air duct cleaning leads to a lot of issues such as moulds, fungi, germs, pollen, and harmful pathogens in your ducted system. They can impact your health negatively. To avoid ailments, hire us to have them completely removed by way of cleaning your ductworks.

    Cooling vent cleaning in Melbourne

    Your cooling vent must also be clean to prevent the risk of having asthma and allergies during summer. It is important to have well-sanitised equipment at home so you can live comfortably. We can also provide same day services for cooling vent cleaning in Melbourne.

    Dryer vent cleaning in Melbourne

    Jammed dryer vents can be unsafe. It can cause fires to your homes. If the dryer vents are not immediately clean, it may cause you to burn your pocket. As much as possible, you can rely on us to properly maintain your dryer vent.

    Cleaning split air conditioner system

    Our split air conditioner specialists in Melbourne cautiously clean your systems so you can breathe pollutant-free air. Timely cleaning is also vital if there are children in the home, as you would not want them to inhale unhygienic air.

    Domestic duct cleaning in Melbourne

    Melbourne home duct cleaning experts understand that it’s natural for debris to get stuck inside the ductwork at your residence during the renovation or a new build-up. That is why air ducted system requires routine checkup and maintenance to ensure it’s still safe and functioning well.

    Both brand new and old ducts can harbour dust, sawdust, lint, fibres from the carpet, and other foreign objects. Ignoring them can damage your air ducts, spread allergies, and the inhabitants could have breathing problems.

    Epic residential duct cleaning can’t overlook the risk. Thus, we provide cost-effective services for your split air conditioning unit, air vents, ducted heating systems to fit your budget. Our experts can proficiently remove the moulds, dirt, dust, and other matters by using the latest equipment for ductwork maintenance. We apply various methods for sanitisation, deodorisation, and repairs.

    Industrial duct cleaning in Melbourne

    Our commercial duct cleaning specialists are committed to providing quality removal of dirt, sanitisation and deodorisation. We operate all day and night to make our services better. Our high-tech equipment and cleaning solvents are used effectively to provide outstanding results to all businesses in Melbourne.

    The technicians are highly-skilled and trained to assure that reliable cleaning works are provided. Keep your restaurants, pantries, offices, etc. from possible dangers brought by contaminated ducts.

    Why you must get your air ducts clean and sanitise

    Contaminated debris and hazardous impurities accumulated inside the ductworks do have unfavourable effects. These unwanted harmful pollutants can foster the development of moulds and pathogens. It puts you at risk even your visitors.

    Contaminated odour leads to poor health

    Unpurified air causes you to have respiratory diseases and allergies. If left untreated, your health is in danger causing you to spend much because of the disease that you acquired. Let your air ducted system be cleaned occasionally to prevent unfortunate events from happening.

    Prevents mould growth

    Moulds are top contributors to contaminated air. It is one of the factors why your air vents are becoming malodorous. To have a safe environment, you must get a professional to sanitise and deodorise your air ducted system.

    Prevents pest infestation

    The dark passageways of air in ductwork is a potential sport where vermins would love to stay. If not properly checked, they will eventually build their nests inside. You don’t want this from happening, do you? Certified professionals from our company can help you clean and deodorise your HVAC unit.

    Inefficient performance and poor air circulation

    When the performance of your HVAC unit decreases, it produces inferior air circulation. However, the consumption of energy increases as the motor tries to operate twice how it normally does to produce the expected output of airflow. Sadly, build up dust particles hinder quality performance. To bring it back to its good quality condition, you must hire a certified specialist to carry out the job.

    Why choose us?

    Epic Duct Cleaning uses eco-friendly products during the operation to ensure that everything is safe. We are always open daily, even during public holidays to serve you better at times of your needs on same day services and emergency duct cleaning service.

    You can rely on us if your problems are related to repairs and maintenance of your air ducted system in Melbourne.

    As we strive to work hard, here are some direct points on why must you choose us to be your dedicated air duct cleaning specialists in Melbourne:
    • Budget-friendly air duct sanitisation, deodorisation, and cleaning
    • Our technicians are fully certified and well-equipped
    • We are highly-experienced, knowledgeable, and skilful technicians
    • Our company is a trusted air duct cleaning provider
    • We do our job with integrity and commitment
    • You safety assured with us

    We have the proficiency to perfectly enhance and maintain the quality of air ducts in your homes and at commercial facilities. We utilise the latest and powerful equipment for every service to ensure the task is done excellently.

    Our process for cleaning ducts and vents

    Our methods start with a careful assessment of your HVAC unit to see if your thermostats and other components of the system are operating or not. We then unfasten the screw of vents and clean the fans, diffusers, grills, and motors to eradicate all debris and dust from the system.

    We utilise steam cleaning, air pressure, and vacuum cleaning processes if needed to assure that your air duct system is free from all pollens, dust, dirt, allergens and harmful matter.

    Lastly, sanitisers and disinfectants are to be applied to kill all microbes, pathogens, hazardous bacterias, and allergens that can be a threat to the health of everyone.

    Advantages of duct cleaning

    There are many benefits when you get your HVAC thoroughly cleaned. A few of these are:

    • Produces a cleaner living environment.
    • Lessens allergens, fungi, and other contaminants
    • Aides in a healthier breathing surrounding.
    • Eliminates unwanted odour.
    • Improves duct efficiency and air quality
    • Money savings
    • Lowers consumption of electricity


    It is affordable and depends on the scope of work. We may suggest additional service to achieve a desirable result. To get more information about our costs, do not hesitate to call us now.

    Yes, you can! We are even open during public holidays.

    It can be due to moulds, pollutants, and feces from the pests. We can clean, sanitise, and deodorise your air duct system on the same day. Our team can also provide emergency duct cleaning if you need it badly today.

    It depends on several factors, what to apply, and the extent of repairs. However, you can depend on us as we effectively accomplish the job smoothly and securely.

    The services that we offer are very budget-friendly. Moreover, you will experience first-rate quality service from us.

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